ANDREW K GREEN / Manchester, UK

Born in 1984, Lancashire, Great Britain, with a background in fine art, photography, graphic design (multimedia, film-video, typography) and construction, I first studied architecture at Lincoln School of Architecture during which my undergraduate thesis project for a Seasonal Affective Disorder Rehabilitation Centre in Reykjavik, Iceland was nominated for the RIBA Bronze Medal and won the architectural design category of the Northern Design Competition 2008. I continued my studies at the Bartlett UCL, University of Westminster & the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Graduating in 2010 I was awarded the dean’s prize for highest grade at diploma and my postgraduate thesis project for a State University Library and Archive in Yerevan, Armenia was subsequently nominated for the RIBA Silver Medal and published in Building Design’s Class of 2010, identifying me as one of the top six architectural graduates in the United Kingdom.

Since 2005, I have gained over six years professional experience working internationally within twelve different cities across six continents, from collaborating directly alongside sole practitioners to working in offices with over 200 staff. During this time gaining diverse architectural experience working on multiple building typologies across all sectors of work from conceptual inception through to built completion, each project providing a unique set of design scenarios with varying programmatic complexity. In spring 2014 I formally qualified as an Architect at the Architectural Association in London and am currently gaining professional experience in North, Central and South America.

One of the main drivers in each of my projects is the diverse and vibrant context in which they are located. I am overtly interested in the variables of what it means to be in one place or another, absorbing all the political, economic, social, ecological and cultural context surrounding a project. I believe every site, city and circumstance is different and you have to approach it with a certain doubt about what your going to do. I believe in an open and inclusive design process that works closely with the client, design team, consultants, local communities, planners, and the people that will essentially inhabit each place, both now and in the future.

Architecture effects everybody, hospitals you were born, schools, markets, theatres, and essentially, every part of a persons life is effected by the architects presence. Design has the profound power to improve the standard and quality of peoples lives, it can effect behaviour, culturally and emotionally enrich and inspire aspiration and optimism in people, assisting civilization to have a better life. Architecture is a force for positive societal change and the design of our public buildings and spaces is a symptom and predicator of our social wellbeing.

Although I plan to concentrate on professional practice, I am committed to progressive education and the advancement of architecture and in the future I intend to devote time to teaching, pursuing an active dialogue between education and practice. Since graduating in 2010 I have taken on a number of private tutoring roles to students of architecture, landscape and urban design. I continue to be overtly inspired by the city where I grew up in Manchester, however I strongly believe in the importance of traveling with an overriding architectural agenda and I have been lucky enough to visit many influential cities across six different continents including; Reykjavik, Barcelona, Vienna, London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Zurich, Copenhagen, Moscow, Yerevan, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Tokyo, Beijing, Melbourne, Sydney, New York, LA, Seattle, Vancouver, Montreal, Mexico City, Lima, Santiago, Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo. I am currently traveling from Vancouver to Patagonia gaining voluntary and professional work experience in Latin America (Honduras, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Chile and Brazil). I believe it is important for aspiring architects to have direct experience with architecture, cities and urbanism, to build up a response to the world by finding out how buildings are made for other cultures and societies.

My experiences working all over the world and varied education within a number of international institutions has enabled me to evolve as a confident young designer, in a predominantly uncontrolled environment without agendas. I have continued the concept of ‘shopping around’ from my academic participation through to my professional experience to diversify my industry experience as much as possible, enhance my resume and to build a network of international contacts, so I can eventually use the knowledge and experience to come to my own conclusions and further develop my architectural language within the realities and restrictions of today’s built environment, underlying my ambition to understand my evolving role as an architect within contemporary society.



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